Macro translator

An engineering masterpiece to translate in-game macros from english to portuguese! Simply paste the macro on the field below and click translate. The macro text will be translated in the same field.

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You may want to know...

  • At this time, the gadget only translates from english to portuguese. I plan to add more languages soon(ish)
  • Commands like /cast and /use are not translated, because there is no need
  • Anything between parentheses is removed, because it probably has no use.
  • NPC names will only be translated if entered entirely. Ex: Lady Jaina Proudmore
  • Like any engineering product, this tool will fail about 5% of the times. You'll have to learn to live with that, but a feedback is always welcome :)
  • English speakers may find this tool completely useless, but go ahead and try! See your favorite spells in portuguese!

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