Mai | 19 | 2020 Music

The Songs of Valerie Bricks

As I currently don't have much time to play anymore, I decided to create a playlist with all the songs from my previous PvP videos. I hope you all enjoy! I'll keep that playlist updated.

1 minute read

Mar | 18 | 2019 WeakAuras

The Forgotten Beacon

Stormsong Valley has a nasty nasty secret against stealth classes (like me for example). It's called the "Forgotten Beacon". What is it? It's a 10 minute buff you can get at Sagehold, that allows you Greater Stealth Detection. It basically lets you see stealth units at any range. The buff is usable only in Stormsong Valley, it is lost upon death and it's available for Alliance and Horde, contrary to popular belief.

2 minutes read

Dez | 11 | 2018 Transmog

The Mainlander Exile

“Stormwind may notgive you a third chance.” When both your enemies and your friends see you as a threat, there are only two choices: You die, or y [...]

2 minutes read

Ago | 12 | 2018 Transmog

The Argussian Smuggler

“Sorry about the mess.” Argus brought dozens of opportunities for the ones with keen eyes around Azeroth. Instead of defeating the Legion, some ou [...]

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Ago | 05 | 2018 Videos

Razor Cut

The Razor Cut Series started out back in the Burning Crusade era, when PC monitor had small resolution and it was almost impossible to deliver a video [...]

7 minutes read

Out | 11 | 2017 Transmog

The Sand Strider

Agile, anonymous and restless. This leather transmog is a light vest for use on desert and desolate environments. It conceals the wearer identity, and [...]

1 minute read

Razor Cut 3

Witness a six-video PvP series telling a different Rogue Story about loss, vengeance, and addiction.

Watch the Series on YouTube


Interdimensional Nearby Surface Transmitter At Great Resolution Analogically Modulated

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