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The Forgotten Beacon

Stormsong Valley has a nasty nasty secret against stealth classes (like me for example). It's called the "Forgotten Beacon". What is it? It's a 10 minute buff you can get at Sagehold, that allows you Greater Stealth Detection. It basically lets you see stealth units at any range. The buff is usable only in Stormsong Valley, it is lost upon death and it's available for Alliance and Horde, contrary to popular belief.

I've collected 7 spawn locations for the Beacon, that are listed below, ready to be pasted with the Paste addon into TomTom:

/way Stormsong Valley 62.19 40.22
/way Stormsong Valley 61.87 38.91
/way Stormsong Valley 61.74 40.60
/way Stormsong Valley 61.00 42.83
/way Stormsong Valley 60.83 41.52
/way Stormsong Valley 59.28 41.65
/way Stormsong Valley 59.09 39.66

And here screenshots of the locations I found. It's actually pretty easy to get one, you just have to roam the zone for a while and you'll find them eventually. They are very bright.

But if you want a small advantage...

Of course I've also made a WeakAura to let you know upfront if the your target has the buff, as a big yellow icon right next to the unit frame, This WeakAura already has the English and Portuguese languages.

Code for the WeakAura:



So, enjoy your buff while doing World PvP in Stormsong Valley, and if you ever find a rogue called "Välerie-Nemesis", remember who wrote this article for you, and spare her life!

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