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The Argussian Smuggler

“Sorry about the mess.”

Argus brought dozens of opportunities for the ones with keen eyes around Azeroth. Instead of defeating the Legion, some outlaw rogues invested their time smuggling goods out of the doomed planet, letting the "heroes" do the hard work. Now that there's nothing left of the place, it's time to bathe on the profit of the rares.

This leather transmog mixes the elegance of a persuasive and charismatic character, the mobility of a tight leather vest and an utility belt with Argussian technology. Two simple daggers or small swords on your waist will finish any job your pistol may leave pending. When the body hits the ground, just walk by and flip a Titanium Seal of Dalaran to the bartender to compensate for the mess. Or don't.

Mostly designed for the Outlaw rogue class fantasy, if you want to wield daggers you will need the Ogre Pocket Knife, the only sword transmog in the game that mimics a dagger, easily obtainable at the Dire Maul dungeon.

Item table

Head Hidden —
Shoulder Hidden —
Cloak Hidden —
Chest ...
Shirt Unequipped —
Tabard Hidden —
Bracers ...
Gloves ...
Belt ...
Pants ...
Boots ...
Main hand ...
Off hand ...
M.H. Enchant Hidden —
O.H. Enchant Hidden —

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