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Razor Cut

The Razor Cut Series started out back in the Burning Crusade era, when PC monitor had small resolution and it was almost impossible to deliver a video in more than 30 FPS. No to mention, YouTube allowed starters to post only 5 minutes-long videos. It was a really complicated time to Brazilians to make content.

Razor Cut 1

My first video was recorded when I used to play with a latency of about 450ms, because I'm from Brazil and used to play on a US server on the west cost (Gurubashi). By that time, I had just met Leviatham, probably one of the best restoration druids around. We both had a common taste of using role-play quotes on our spells, and soon we became great friends.

Right after I found about a service that could lower my latency to about 220ms, we became arena partners and reached the mark of 2000 rating by the end of the Burning Crusade expansion. I know pro-players have way better rating than that nowadays, but for casual players with bad latency this was a pretty good milestone to reach at the time.

Unfortunately, I lost my first video due to a hard driver crash. Nobody kept a copy of it, probably because it sucked, and YouTube wouldn't allow me to upload it because it was too long. Basically, it consisted in me and Leviatham killing people in World PvP around all Burning Crusade areas. My latency was a red bar (500ms+). Yeah... It was that bad. But the music was good, thought. Several Alkaline Trio tracks.

Razor Cut 2

As the Wrath of The Lich King expansion came near, Leviatham told me his guild was going to transfer to another realm, because Gurubashi became infested with Brazilians (he's a french dude living in the US, and I'm a Brazilian). I could not abandon my Brazilian guild and friends on Gurubashi, and cross-realm technology didn't exist at the time, so we followed our own ways.

Right before WoTLK arrived, I made a solo-video, it was all about Valerie killing people in WPvP, arenas with my friend Pirula and some duels with friends and the legendary rogue Akrios. All with some variety of Rock and Punk Rock songs, like NOFX, Silverchair, Rage Against the Machine and Papa Roach.

I learned my lesson, thought, and kept a safe copy of it. Later, when YouTube started to allow people to have long videos, I uploaded it and kept it even safer in my channel.

Razor Cut 3

Almost 10 years passed, and I never did another PvP video. I made just one more casual video, flying, the day I got my Violet Proto-drake, but that was it. Mostly because my computer was starting to show it's age, and Fraps was a resource consuming monster.

I never liked Cataclysm that much. Mists of Pandaria, on the other way, was a great expansion, but I did not have time to play it properly because of real life priorities. All of that contributed to my lack of interest in making new PvP videos. When Warlords of Draenor was launched, all the character models were updated, and my old computer couldn't really handle it well. It had really bad specs, and I could not enjoy playing the game properly. I had my first son about that time, and decided to quit WoW to give my full attention to the family in the first years of our newborn. It was a really tiresome period.

About 2 years later, after I finished my college, I was just hanging around on the internet and saw a banner about Legion, the new expansion that was launched 3 or 4 months before the date. I decide to take a look at what has changed, considering giving the game another try, since I finally bought a new computer. I saw lots of stuff, but 2 little things hooked me back to the game: The first Legion gladiator rogue set and the ability to hide your shoulders. Yeah. It seems crazy but that's exactly what made me go back to the game... When I saw that image on the Wowhead Dressing Room. I'll talk more about this transmog in another article.

I paid my subscription once again, and started playing. But that time I decided to take it lightly, being completely casual, I decided to enjoy the game in a different way, doing only casual content, reading absolutely all the quest texts, using immersion addons for role playing, etc. Rated matches would be just for the "weekly cap".

I've made some PvP videos for battlegrounds, guides, WPvP clips, and posted it all on my YouTube channel, focusing mostly on a good presentation and good songs, not caring about monetization at all, it's just a big hobby. After about 1 year I decided to take a challenge and make a long, complicate video about the story of a rogue lost in all what happened in the Legion Rogue Campaign. That would be Razor Cut 3: A different rogue story, where my character is not the savior of Azeroth, but just an ordinary SI:7 agent. It took me about 10 months to write the story, record the cinematics and game-play and put it all together. Since the final result came with more than 40 minutes, I divided it in a six-video series.

So, without any further wall of text, below is the link to the series on YouTube. Keep in mind that all of this was a great experiment: a mix of Punk songs, role-playing, PvP and storytelling, done with lots of love and dedication to tell a story about loss, vengeance, and addiction.

I really hope you all take a look and enjoy it. This is probably the best thing I'll ever post on my website.

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Razor Cut 3

Witness a six-video PvP series telling a different Rogue Story about loss, vengeance, and addiction.

Watch the Series on YouTube


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