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Addon compilation
for Legion

This is my personal list of addons to improve your gaming experience in Legion. The list cover mods that add utility, quality of life and immersion to the game. Suited for general and role players.



This mod adds another interface pane to the game, allowing you to restore access to removed interface options in Legion. Things like displaying Player Titles, Guild Names, Guild Titles, Stop Auto Attack, Attack on Assist, Cast action keybinds on key down, setting the latency tolerance compensation, among other stuff. Pretty great for advanced players.


Bartender4 is a full action bar replacement mod. It provides you with all the features needed to fully customization most aspects of your action and related bars. This is the mod to go if you want to customize your action bars.


This mod removes almost all the annoying error messages that pop on your screen when you spam skills like crazy. Things like "Target not in range", "Not enough energy", etc. Are gone forever.

Error Sounds Be Gone!

This mod is hidden gem. I makes all the error sounds of the game interface simply disappear. Forget all that "clack" mess when you spam a skill on global cooldown. The mod works overriding the game sounds, something that Blizzard allows us to do. The installation has to be manual, because the files do not go inside the "addons" folder. You can't use the Curse Client to install this, so please reffer to the installation guide in the addon webpage on curse.


Adds control over the game's new ActionCam option, allowing you to create specific setups of camera position for different situations. Nice cosmetic addon for a more immersive experience.


This my top addon of all times for role playing. SpeakinSpell will use random speeches in chat to announce when you use spells and other abilities, as well as items, procced effects, other events, and user-defined macros. Works with all classes. Configurable for many different situations.



This mod is a complete list of advanced information on your character pane. You can now see more details like your current speed, dodge chance, mastery rating and other. Pretty light, simple and direct. You can also customize your stats list to see only what matters.

Garrison Mission Manager

Don't let the name fool you. This also works for your Order Hall. It has several features but the best one is the calculation of the best combination for the maximum percentage of success in your Order Hall missions. A must have.


GTFO provides an audible alert when you're standing in something you're not supposed to be standing in. In some cases, you'll be warned before you start taking damage. This mod improves your situational awareness and is recommended for dungeon divers and raiders of all skill levels as even the most seasoned veteran sometimes needs a reminder to GTFO.


Handy Notes for your maps. Allows you to put information on your map on determined locations, like rares spawn points, world quests, treasures, etc.


Outfitter is an equipment management addon which gives you fast access to multiple outfits to optimize your abilities in PvE and PvP, automated equip and unequip for convenience doing a variety of activities, or to enhance role-playing. Excelent for having 2 different sets of Legendaries for single-target or AoE, for example.

Peddler (junk seller)

Peddler simply allows you to flag items that you plan to sell, automatically selling them later when you interact with a vendor. It automatically flags grey items you loot to be sold, but you're free to un-flag them.


The AutoTurnIn addon can handle accepting and turning in completed quests and choosing rewards. Complete automated quest acceptance and completion. May handle just daily quests or any others you find in your adventures.


DialogKey is an addon designed to make handling dialogs and quest frames less of a hassle by allowing you to use the keyboard to control them. You can set a key to press the buttons for you, without having to drag your mouse and "click click click". It has another features such as placing numbers in front of options on dialogs, so you can chose by pressing your keyboard.

Instance Portals

Displays dungeon & raid instance portal locations, and their entry level requirement, on the world map & zone maps. Similar to how Legion does that.

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