In this website you will not find the secret formula to be the best rogue in PvP or PvE. You'll not find the best rogue videos ever made and won't find frequent and abundant content.

This website is a simple handful of experiences from someone that plays with the same main character since 2005, passing trough the entire World of Warcraft lifetime as Valerie Bricks, a rogue with a mysterious origin, a born talent for engineering and a lone style of exploration and execution.

Acting secretly trough the SI:7, Valerie lives a constant internal battle to keep her sanity free from the influence of the curse in her daggers, reminiscent artifacts from the Lich King era. Hunted by renegated radical paladins from the Argent Crusade, she seeks for answers as she tries to repair her biggest mistake: the looting and wielding of the Mind Sealers daggers.

Technical data

Name Valerie Bricks
Race Human
Age 33 years
Eye color Light brown
Height 168cm
Biotype Athletic
Birthplace Unknown
Residence Lunarfall
Specialty Infiltration missions
Main profession Master engineer

Razor Cut 3

Witness a six-video PvP series telling a different Rogue Story about loss, vengeance, and addiction.

Watch the Series on YouTube


Interdimensional Nearby Surface Transmitter At Great Resolution Analogically Modulated

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